Greater Manchester HIV Testing Week 2023

Greater Manchester HIV Testing Week 2023

This November, Greater Manchester is rallying together for a healthier, more informed community

This November, Greater Manchester is rallying together for a healthier, more informed community with the upcoming Greater Manchester HIV Testing Week. Taking place between the 25th and 30th, this initiative is your chance to be a part of something big!


Organised by the PaSH Partnership, this week is all about encouraging everyone in Greater Manchester to know their HIV status. But it's not just about testing – it's about making it easy and accessible for you. You can now take a self-sampling test in the comfort of your own home. It’s private, simple, and it's a great way to look after your health.


This week isn’t just for a few – it’s for all of us. We're calling on you, your friends, your family, and your community to get involved. Whether it’s sharing the message on social media or just spreading the word, every action counts.


Using #GMHIVTestingWeek, let's join forces online. Share our campaign, talk about where to get information and testing kits, and highlight how simple it is to test at home by visiting


By getting involved, you're not only looking after yourself but also contributing to the well-being of our entire community. Understanding your HIV status, knowing it’s as easy as ever to get tested, and helping in creating a healthier society is what this week is all about.


Our messages are simple but powerful. They encourage you to get tested and take control of your health: "Do you know your status? Get tested now to find out," and "Take care of your sexual health by knowing your HIV status. Get tested today."


It’s not just about testing; it's about learning, feeling empowered, and having support. Early medication is free for everyone in the UK, and we’re here to help you understand why taking action early is crucial for your long-term health.


So, where can you get tested? It’s easier than you think. There are various places across Greater Manchester, and our partners BHA for Equality, LGBT Foundation, and George House Trust are actively involved, providing support and information during the campaign. Keep an eye on our social media posts for where you can meet us in person for a test and chat, as well as our online offer.

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