HIV Testing

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If you know your HIV status, you can look after yourself and other people better. If you have received a positive result on a HIV test, you can start treatment to stop you from getting ill or passing on HIV. 

When should I be tested for HIV?

Generally, people who are sexually active should get a HIV test every 12 months, but this will be more often (every 3 months) if you are having sex with multiple people. You should also be tested when you have a new sexual partner, or if you think you have been exposed to HIV.

Where can I get a HIV test?

You can get a HIV test at your GP or a sexual health (GUM) clinic in Greater Manchester.


Point-of-care Testing in Community Localities


Free and confidential testing is also delivered throughout the year by BHA for Equality in community locations across Greater Manchester.

 DO IT NOW   Book a test with BHA for Equality  This service is only available for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic residents of Greater Manchester, aged 18 and over


LGBT Foundation offers free rapid HIV and full screening testing services for all LGBTQ+ people and men who have sex with men across Greater Manchester.

 DO IT NOW   Book a test with LGBT Foundation  This service is for LGBTQIA+ people and men who have sex with men living in Greater Manchester, aged 18 and over


Self-sampling Kit

You can also get free postal tests or self tests.  Postal tests involve you taking a small sample of blood yourself at home, and post it to a lab to be tested.

You can order a self-sampling HIV testing kit from BHA to be posted to your home

You can also get a free HIV self-sampling kit from LGBT Foundation, to collect from LGBT Foundation, or to be posted to your home.


Self-testing Kit


Self testing kits involve you taking and testing a small blood sample and reading the results yourself at home.

If you live in Salford, Manchester, or Trafford, you can order a self-testing kit from BHA.

What is a HIV test like?

HIV tests at GUM clinics or GPs will involve a blood sample being taken from your arm using a needle. These tests can take up to a week before you are given your results. Rapid HIV tests like the ones used in community sexual health services just need a small blood sample taken from a finger prick, and give results in a few minutes.

Emergency Support

Free & confidential sexual health services for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities 

Free & confidential support, advice and advocacy services for people living with HIV

Providing advice, support and resources for LGBT people to take control of their sexual health and wellbeing