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There are lots of services in Greater Manchester that offer abortion counselling and procedures.

How can I get an abortion?

There are more than ten clinics in Greater Manchester that offer abortion counselling and procedures. The central booking services listed below can make appointments at all of these clinics.

If you live in BuryManchesterOldhamRochdaleSalfordTameside or Trafford, call Central Booking (Greater Manchester) to book an appointment on 0345 365 0565.

If you live in Bolton or Wigan, call Central Booking (Bolton and Wigan) to book an appointment on 0845 371 0179.

If you live in Stockport you can access a choice of two independent providers directly via the Marie Stopes International website, or calling them on 0345 300 8090.

You can also visit the National Unplanned Pregnancy Service (NUPAS) website, or call them on 0333 004 6666. The staff are helpful, understanding, and will know all of the free appointment slots at local clinics. You’ll be able to attend the clinic that is most convenient for you. You won't have to wait too long for a consultation - normally less than a week.

You’ll need to have an initial consultation. If the doctor or nurse confirms that an abortion will be legal and safe, a follow-up appointment for the procedure will be booked. It is possible for both appointments to take place on the same date. 

Who can I talk to?

Discussing your options with a healthcare professional can help you to reach a decision that will be right for you. The doctors and nurses at the sexual and reproductive health clinics in Greater Manchester offer impartial and unbiased information and advice about all of the pregnancy options.


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